Our parents & relatives for supporting and helping us all the time
Yemina Hammami Yasminas bride maide that was by her side all the time
Armin Ghazvinian my best man that was by my side all the time
Bakhtiar & Neda Toastmaster & Toastmadame that made a wonderful job the hole day
Dalarö Skans Christine Völker and her crew, thanks for a wonderful wedding
Tobias Ottosson and his assistant Erik for taking such a wonderful pictures of us
Marcus Tinnerholm for filming our wedding
Joakim Sarnelid for editing our wedding movie
Torbjörn Axelsson for creating our lovely invitation, program and menu cards
The African Safari Company Sujit Shah for a perfect honeymoon with Patrick and Sami in Kenya
Sweet Touch for a lovely job and all the wonderful guest gifts we could give our guests
Uppklädd for a wonderful suite to the bridgroom
Elmblads Guld for our wonderful rings
DJ Ronas for giving us a nice groove on the dance floor
Anette Bernklo for a lovely wedding speach and cermony
Hechmi Hammami for helping us with the tranport of our guests
All our guests for giving us a wonderful day to remember and of course all the lovely presents